Nagavalli or Untying the Kanganam Ritual in Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Weddings

The Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar wedding is a graceful event which keeps all the guests entertained from the start to the end. The rich culture of family traditions is depicted in every ritual. All the ceremonies are conducted with great attention and care. The family bonding of the Vanniyar community is seen in most rituals and each family member is treated with great respect.

Tying the Kanganam
The Kanganam tying ritual is considered to be the start of actual wedding rituals in the Vanniyar Kula Sathriyan caste. Once the ‘kanganam’ (a yellow thread with turmeric in it) is tied, the bride or groom cannot leave the venue without completing all the remaining wedding rituals. In the presence of a Brahmin purohit, the couple gets a yellow thread (which has earlier been dipped in turmeric and dried off) tied to their wrists. The purohit ties the kanganam to the groom and he in turn ties it to the bride. Following this ritual, the other rituals take place and the couple is showered with blessings.

Nagavalli - Untying the Kanganam in Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Weddings
The wedding rituals at the venue come to an end with another significant ceremony known as Nagavalli. This is also known as Untying the Kanganam. During the untying, the bridegroom first places his hand on the coconut placed in a silver plate. The purohit unties the yellow thread from his hand. Then the bride places her hand too and the kanganam is untied for her too. The yellow thread which was tied to an Arasu tree is also removed. During the entire time, instrumental music fills the background and sets a serene atmosphere. This adds to the joyous moments of the special day.

Once this ritual is completed, the main ceremonies come to an end. After this, a wonderful feast waits to be devoured. This is a sumptuous vegetarian feast and is enjoyed by all the attendees. The wedding rituals bring together two families and mark the beginning of a wonderful journey for the new couple.


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