Pre Wedding Ritual In Telugu Kamma Weddings - Horoscope Matching

As per Hindu tradition, a marriage can happen only when the horoscopes match as that is believed to confirm compatibility and thus a sign of a happy life together. Read on to know the importance of matching the horoscope:

Significance of Horoscope Matching in Telugu Kamma Weddings
A Kundali has 8 categories also called the Kootas and has 36 Gunas or aspects and these have to match. Also, the most important aspect of horoscope matching is the position of the moon in the bride and groom's horoscope. As per astrology, it is essential that the 36 aspects or the Gunas of the horoscopes be compared and the higher the number of matches in horoscopes means better the compatibility is and results in a happy married life. The minimum Gunas for marriage approval is 18 to 24 and anything less than that is a no-go.  

The Kamma community are strong believers in horoscope matching. A Telugu Kamma wedding happens after the horoscopes of the bride and the groom match, otherwise, they do not proceed with the alliance. 

  • When the boy and the girl reach the marriageable age, the parents will start searching for the right partner for their children.
  • Age compatibility, manners, habits, caste, family, and income are some of the things they consider while searching for a partner
  • If they find the right family, they will ask for the bride’s and groom’s horoscope and birth stars.
  • They consult the best astrologer renowned for horoscope matching for marriage

Only if the stars match and show a ‘deerga porutham’ (perfect match), the Kamma community will think about taking the steps forward for a wedding.


Telugu Kamma Pre-Wedding Rituals Horoscope Matching