Post-Wedding Ritual In Telugu Kamma Weddings - Sathyanarayana Vratam

The Kamma community people are believers of Lord Vishnu and hence performing pujas to the deity after a special occasion like a wedding is a must for them. The first pooja performed by a newlywed couple is the Satyanarayana pooja or also called as Satyanarayana Vratam where the Vratam meaning in English is to take a vow by fasting.

How and When the Sathyanarayana Vratam is performed after Telugu Kamma Weddings?

  • It is performed after the Grihapravesham or the entry of the bride into the groom's house.
  • It is done just after the wedding day or a couple of days later
  • It is a puja that is performed during the day and the bride and the groom fast till the Vratam is completed.
  • The door of the house should be decorated with Mango leaves and colourful Rangoli has to be made in front of the house
  • A Lord Satyanarayana photo is kept at the altar and is decorated with flowers or garland and Kumkum is applied to the picture.
  • It starts off with prayers to Lord Ganesha to remove any obstacles that may come in the way of the pooja.
  • The Vratam specifies the story mentioned in Skanda Purana by Suta Mahamuni.
  • The story will be read aloud after the pooja.
  • Prasadam is specially prepared and offered to God and then after the completion of pooja, it is distributed to everyone.
  • This Vratam can be performed on any day except the new moon day.
  • The couple eats or breaks the fasting by consuming the Prasadam only after seeing the moon and together they perform an Aarati for the gods. 

The Kamma community are great believers of traditional customs and Sathyanarayana Vratam is one such pooja that is performed with great belief and adherence so that the couple lead a happy and peaceful married life.


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