Pellikuthiru Pellikuduku Function In Telugu Kamma Weddings

Pellikuthiru in Telugu Kamma wedding is almost similar to the North Indian ceremony called Haldi. Pellikuthiru in English means the bride and Pellikuduku mean bridegroom. This ceremony happens in both the bride and the groom’s respective homes before the wedding. In case of time constraints, this can be also done on the same day as the wedding.

Procedure for Pellikuthiru/Pellikudukku Ritual in Telugu Kamma Weddings

  • The event held in the Telugu bride's house is a much larger scale than at the groom's and she also performs a Lakshmi or Durga puja and seeks the blessings of her elders
  • The procedure for this function varies slightly according to the region and sub-caste but in general, the main procedure will remain the same
  • In this ceremony, a special paste which is made of turmeric and oil is applied to both the bride and the groom.
  • This ceremony is done by family members and close relatives.
  • Once the paste is applied, the bride and groom go for a bath and wear new clothes. 
  • The reason for the Haldi ceremony is because turmeric is believed to be useful to ward off the evil spirits away from the bride and the groom and also it helps in getting glowing skin and looks good on their special day. 
  • The bride and groom do not attend each other’s functions.
  • The bride and the groom are not supposed to go out anywhere after this ceremony. They are only permitted to go to the venue or to the bride or groom’s house for the wedding rituals.  

Some families also have a Sangeet function which is another Hindu wedding ritual where ladies sing songs and enjoy along with the Haldi function which is more of a Bollywood influence.


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