Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Weddings - Panda Mutti or Special Marriage Pots

The Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyas represent a society that has worked hard to bring in a transition into modernisation. They are people who are proud of their rich cultural heritage and have taught their descendants the value of preserving ancient traditions. At the same time, they have made immense progress in all fields today. Some of the Tamil wedding rituals are a perfect example of the blend between the phases of transitional progress. The Vanniars are also known as Pallis in different regions.

Significance of Special Marriage Pots in Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Wedding
The name Palli was derived from the term Panda Mutti. It is believed that Vanniyars were Potters a long time ago. Hence, the use of special marriage pots at weddings is an ancient practice that is still followed in wedding ceremonies. The term refers to a pile of pots reaching the top of the Pandal. The Pandal is the venue where the wedding rituals are carried out. 

Structure of the Panda Mutti
The structure of the Panda-Mutti itself is an architectural thing of beauty. When you hear of it, it may seem that there is nothing more to this as it is just a pile of pots. However, that is not the case. Each pot is designed exclusively for this purpose. The pots are arranged on top of each other carefully and with extreme caution. It is an art of balancing. The bottom-most pot is the most fascinating of all. It is decorated with artistic figures of elephants and horses. This shows the cultural richness of the community and the sense of beauty they have been preserving for all these years. On the day before the wedding, the bride-to-be is brought to the groom’s house in a procession. Potter women will bring along the pots from the Panda Mutti to the groom’s house. 

The Panda Mutti is an important pre-wedding ritual in Vanniyar kula Chathriyar caste which has a significant meaning. It also depicts the importance of agriculture in daily life. The Pallis was originally a group who worked hard in the field of agriculture. Later on, some of the members of the community moved on to win their rights as Kshatriyas. They actively participated in the war front and strove hard to protect their clan. The presence of elephants and horses on the pots remind the younger generation of their mighty ancestors who took part in creating a prestigious honour for the entire community.


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