Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Wedding Rituals - Decorating the Marriage Stage

The wedding rituals in the Tamil Vanniyar community give much importance to detail and exhibit perfection in every manner. The wedding dais is the venue where the main ceremonies and rituals take place. This is a stage that needs to be artistically and authentically decorated. 

Procedure for Decorating the Marriage Stage in Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Wedding
The wedding stage decoration items are chosen after great planning and consideration. The entire dais is decorated with flowers, lighted lamps, etc. and will showcase elegance. The traditional custom of placing a milk post (a wooden pole), special pots and lights are carried out to perfection. The pots brought from the bride's home are already decorated and placed on the dais as well. 

While all these are getting ready, the bride and groom will be preparing for their great day. Each of them are given an Oil bath, known as Ennai Nalangu, and then proceed to wear their wedding attire. The wedding attires display class and tradition, blended into beautiful finery. Once they reach the wedding dais, the bride and groom are seated within the marriage booth. Brahmin purohits chant mantras and join the two in the wedded union.

The entire stage is colourful and inspiring. These days, in addition to following traditional decorations, modern themes are also being adopted. The venue is decorated following a particular theme which is of course mind-blowing. The colour combinations and contrasting designs, accompanied by fascinating lighting arrangements, at the wedding dais, make the wedding day extraordinary. 

The entire venue is charged with a multitude of emotions and looks fantastic. The wedding venue is decorated in such a way that the new couple experiences a grand beginning to their new life. The same goes for the guests. They are filled with new hope and happiness. The entire crowd enjoys a day that is memorable and stays with them for a long time.


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