Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Wedding Rituals - Maru Unnal

Weddings are always occasions for joy and happiness. The Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar wedding rituals are no different. Families unite and spend loving time together. In today's busy life, weddings are turning to be events that help the family members leaving in faraway places, to catch up and share their stories. The post-wedding rituals in Vanniyar weddings are interesting and give the new couple ample time to know each other. 

What is Maru Unnal Rituals in a Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Wedding?
Maru Unnal is a post wedding ritual . The special feature in a Vanniyar Kula Chathriyar is that the marriage is not consummated that day itself. The couple is given some time before they start living together as husband and wife. This gives them time to adjust to their new status. The groom leaves for the bride's home after the wedding for the ceremony - Maru Unnal which simply means eating in another place. The groom is served with another wonderful feast according to his taste. Then, they stay there for three to four days. However, when he leaves for his home, he does not take his bride along with him. 

The astrologer fixes an auspicious date to consummate their unification. The groom returns to the bride's house on this day. Then only can they start having an intimate relationship. While it may seem unfair to many, it is believed that the couple should start their wedded life on an auspicious day. Also, both of them are relieved of the wedding frenzy and get time to relax. They can utilise the space and time to relax and can anticipate the day of their union eagerly.

When the bridegroom leaves for his home this time, his bride accompanies him along with her brother. The brother-in-law carries around 110 rice cakes to the groom's house. As the couple enters the house, coloured water is sprinkled on them. The bride touches the pots containing rice and salt with her right hand and then enters her new home. She enters her husband's home with blessings and prayers of the entire family. Now the couple begin their life together happily.


Tamil Vanniyar Kula Kshatriyar Post-Wedding Rituals Maru Unnal