Thalikettu Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings

The Nadars spend a major portion of their savings on their childrens’ marriage. Many families conduct lavish weddings with the main ritual being the Thalikettu. Thalikettu means tying the Thali and is the central event in a Nadar wedding where the groom ties the holy thread called the Thaali around the bride’s neck. 

Before the thread is tied, it is placed on a plate and passed around to the elders present in the wedding hall to seek blessings for the couple. The Nadar Thali design is based on the groom's family customs and traditions. The Thali (Mangalsutra) is usually prepared by a goldsmith appointed by the groom's side after conducting the auspicious gold melting ritual in their house. Check the Nadar matrimonial sites and jewellery blogs on Kalyan Shastra to learn about the Nadar Thali designs

Procedure for Thalikettu Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings

  • The bride and the groom's maternal uncle start the customs of these rituals.
  • They garland their respective niece and nephew and offer their blessings to the to-be husband and wife
  • The groom's mother then gifts a saree to the bride which she wears for this ritual
  • The thali tying ceremony is then held, where the groom ties the sacred thread around the bride's neck
  • The couple then exchanges garlands after the Mangalsutra which is threaded in a yellow thread is tied around the bride's neck. 
  • They apply Vibuthi which is a sacred powder on each other's forehead.
  • They seek blessing from the elders of both families. 

This marks the end of the major wedding festivities. After the completion of all the wedding rituals, a grand vegetarian feast is arranged by the bride’s parents. 

Note: Though the Thali tying is the traditional wedding ritual, nowadays some members of the Nadar community have the entire Thali chain in gold instead of the thread. This thali chain along with the mangalsutra is garlanded around the neck of the bride by the bridegroom. 


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