Tamil Nadar Community Wedding Rituals - Kanyadanam

Kanyadaanam is an emotional ritual that is conducted in all Hindu weddings. Nadar Vamsam considers their daughters and daughters-in-law as Goddess Lakshmi. As per tradition, the groom is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and hence he is given utmost respect by the bride's parents and they are giving away their precious daughter as a gift to the Lord.

What Happens During Kanyadanam in Tamil Nadar Weddings
The Kanyadanam is the important ritual in the Nadar community where the bride’s father gives away his daughter to the groom as a precious gift. The bride is adorned in silk and is dressed up beautifully with gold jewellery.

  • The end of the bride's saree is tied to the groom's Angavastram which is a cloth placed on the groom's shoulder
  • The groom is asked to sit on an assigned spot and the bride's father sits facing him
  • The bride's mother puts Kaajal on the groom's eyes to ward off the evil that can affect him and the wedding
  • The bride is made to sit on her father's lap and he holds her right hand.
  • The bride's father hands over the bride to the groom by placing the right hand of the bride on top of the right hand of the groom. Holy water is then poured by the bride's mother on their hands symbolizing unity. 
  • The parents then request the groom to take good care of their daughter
  • The groom promises them that he will take care of her throughout his life and be with her in the ups and downs of life.

Tamil Nadar Wedding Rituals Nadar Kanyadanam Kanyadaanam