Pre-Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings - Swami Kumbiduthal

If you have attended a Tamil Nadar matrimony function, you would have seen how devoted they are to keeping and following traditional customs. The weddings will be full of fun and laughter while being within the limits of age-old traditions and rich cultural heritage. Religious rituals are followed strictly as the Tamil Nadar community believes in receiving blessings from the Almighty before every ceremony. 

What Happens During Swami Kumbiduthal Ritual in Tamil Nadar Weddings
The Swami Kumbiduthal or Pooja ceremony that takes place on the day before the wedding, is a very important function. It takes place in both the bride's as well as the groom's house. The family deity is worshipped with pride and devotion. The belief is that a family can prosper only if the family deity is happy and is not ignored. So this function is considered to be extremely sacred.

The deity statue or photo is placed in a room and the entire family gathers here. A wooden stool is placed in front of the photos. A variety of offerings are placed on this stool. There are several auspicious items like banana leaves, coconut, fruits, flowers, kumkum (vermilion), sandal paste, kuthu vilaku (lamp), vibhuti (sacred ash), etc. Food offerings are also placed to make the deity happy. Various dishes like Sweet Pongal, Rava Panniyaram, are prepared and arranged beautifully. Once the puja is over, vibhuti is applied to all the family members and they share the prasadham amongst themselves. The bride is given a metti (toe ring) to wear on the middle toe on both her legs. This is a symbol of fertility and is believed to regulate her menstrual cycles by making the uterus healthy.

Tamil Nadars devote their time and energy to religious practices. It is this quality and discipline that has made them have a strong bond with god and every other member of the family.


Tamil Nadar Pre-Wedding Rituals Swami Kumbiduthal