Pre-Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings - Gold-Melting

Nadars in Tamil Nadu perform an interesting ritual before the wedding and are called the gold melting ceremony or the Ponn Urukku. The Thaali which is considered as the most important jewelry in a Hindu wedding is made from gold. 

Procedure in Gold Melting Ritual in Tamil Nadar Weddings

  • Gold that is going to be used for making the Thaali is melted during this ceremony. It is usually conducted at the groom's place and is done a few days before the wedding day. 
  • The ceremony starts with the breaking of a coconut. 
  • The gold which is used to make the Thaali is then immersed in milk and then begins the melting of the gold. 
  • The goldsmith melts the gold, a beautiful and traditional Thaali is made and he offers prayers to the almighty. 
  • The gold is melted so that it gets soft and the Thali can be designed as per family tradition and custom.
  • The goldsmith takes a small part of the gold along with him and then he is escorted outside by a woman with a child as she is considered auspicious. 
  • The Thaali is then passed around to the assembled relatives who will give their blessings.

The Nadar community is famous for its gold and diamond jewellery. The bride gets a lot of gold gifts from her parents, some are a family heirloom and others are brought based on the current trend. She also gets some from the groom's side as well. But there is no hard and fast rule that these things should be given, it is mostly dependent on the gold price and the financial condition of the bride's parents. 


Tamil Nadar Pre-Wedding Rituals Gold-Melting