Pre Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings - Aduppu Thinnai Poduthal

Tamil Nadar weddings exhibit the splendour and prosperity of the Nadar community. These sharp business-minded people are a group that upholds family values and age-old traditions. One can easily see the rich cultural heritage in each ceremony performed during the wedding.

What is Aduppu Thinnai Poduthal in Tamil Nadar Weddings?
There are several festive ceremonies involved in the Tamil Nadar Hindu matrimony. Each has its significance and is a means of showering blessings upon the newly wedded couple. Out of these numerous fun-filled ceremonies, the Aduppu Thinnai Poduthal is an important function. Aduppu thinnai poduthal literally means getting the stove ready. So does the significance of this ritual. 

Aduppu Thinnai Poduthal takes place right after the Padayal ceremony during which the bride and groom pray for the blessings of their ancestors. It happens a day before the wedding. A significant female member from the groom’s family visits the bride's home in the evening. They build a small clay oven in the kitchen. This is considered to be an auspicious beginning with a special bond created between the families. The groom’s family is entrusting their new member with the responsibility of cooking and keeping the family healthy. 

It is considered all over the world that food brings people together.  The joy of cooking and sharing a meal over the same table is what is being shared and encouraged, during this ceremony.


Tamil Nadar Pre-Wedding Rituals Aduppu Thinnai Poduthal