Post Wedding Rituals In Tamil Nadar Weddings - Paalum Pazhamum

Tamil Nadar Hindu weddings are full of fun and laughter. It is the perfect venue for the entire family to catch up and fill in stories. The thrill begins as soon as the marriage is fixed and planning for all the upcoming rituals are undertaken with great enthusiasm. From deciding on the clothes to be worn at each ceremony to organising the food, guest list, gift exchange items, etc. each detail becomes a joint effort. There are pre-wedding as well as post-wedding rituals that ensure that the celebrations last for 3 – 6 days. 

What is Paalum Pazhamum Ritual in Tamil Nadar Weddings? 
Post-wedding functions are also very interesting in the Tamil wedding rituals. All these ceremonies aim in bringing the couple closer and building a strong foundation for their married life. The new couple is given a chance to mingle with each other and overcome the initial shyness while enjoying the celebration with the entire family. One such event is the Paalum Pazhamum (translates to milk and fruit) ritual. 

This takes place at the bride’s residence and has scope for a lot of laughter and fun. The sisters and cousins of the bride get ready with a tumbler of milk and bananas. They make the couple take sips of the milk and also encourage them to take bites off the banana. This turns into play and games as the cousins take turns in feeding the new couple. They continue until the couple overcome their shyness and start to mingle with ease. This ritual brings the couple closer to the families as well.

The wedding is seen as a time for the families to come together and have loads of fun. You can call it the perfect time for a family to get together which also helps to re-establish bonds among family members.


Tamil Nadar Post-Wedding Rituals Paalum Pazhamum