Post Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings - Pattana Pravesam

Tamil Nadar weddings are filled with culturally elaborate rituals and ceremonies that uphold family traditions. While planning a Nadar wedding, the elders of the family make sure that all the rituals take place according to their belief system and inherited values. This makes the customs followed extraordinary and divine. 

Their traditional culture is reflected throughout the wedding. The guests are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience filled with love and laughter at all South Indian weddings. The pre-wedding as well as post-wedding rituals are equally interesting and have all the splendour and gaiety as the wedding ceremony itself.

Significance of Pattana Pravesam Ritual In Tamil Nadar Weddings
Another important event post the wedding is the Pattana pravesam. This is one of the traditional Hindu marriage rituals that take place as the new couple enters the groom’s town. The bride's sister carries a lighted lamp called kuthuvilakku (a sacred lamp). Together with her, the couple walks through the streets of the town where they are welcomed by the residents. 

In some cases, even a car or a chariot is used. The groom’s family gets an opportunity to show their position and dignity in their native town. The new couple prays in front of the temples and seeks blessings of the Lord. They break coconuts as offering in each of the wayside temples. This is a symbol of respect and the new couple gains the blessings which enables them to start a blessed life.

The groom's family takes special care to make the bride feel welcomed to their town and residence. They keep in mind that she has left behind her beloved family and is ready to take up her position in their family. The post-wedding rituals are meant to make her feel comfortable in her new home. The new couple is showered with blessings and they are ready to begin a great journey together.


Tamil Nadar Post-Wedding Rituals Pattana Pravesam