Post Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Wedding - Sitharu Thengai Poduthal

Tamil Nadar weddings include many ceremonies and rituals that are being followed for generations. Family values and traditional culture are given great importance in all the wedding rituals. Tamil Nadar community is well known for a rich cultural background and they are proud of their family heritage. They place great value on family bonds and make sure that the entire family is united strongly.

What is Sitharu Thengai Poduthal Ritual in Tamil Nadar Weddings?
The post-wedding rituals in a Tamil Nadar wedding are as important as the actual ceremony. When the new couple enters the groom's town, which is celebrated as Pattana pravesam, there is a ritual of breaking coconuts in the wayside temples. This is for gaining the blessings of God upon arrival in the town. Along with this, another function is also carried out. This is known as the Sitharu Thengai Poduthal. Sitharu means dispersal on breaking, Thengai means coconut and Poduthal means dropping it. Here the coconut offered during the Pattana pravesam is broken into smaller pieces. 

Significance of Breaking the Coconut
Coconut is always considered an auspicious fruit in all traditional Hindu weddings. The belief behind this ritual is that when the couple breaks the coconut in front of God into small pieces, all bad luck, evil eyes and negative vibes are dismissed. The new couple is blessed with positivity and good luck. Such belief systems are still considered to be holy and are carried out meticulously. 

The new generation in the Nadar community are particular about respecting their elders and carry out all the rituals with extreme care. They participate wholeheartedly in all the functions and seek the blessings of both the family members. It is indeed delightful to observe such a deep understanding and commitment among the family members of the Tamil Nadar community. 


Tamil Nadar Post-Wedding Rituals Sitharu Thengai Poduthal