Post Wedding Ritual In Tamil Nadar Wedding - Madi Nirappudhal

Post-wedding functions are considered to be significant in Tamil Nadar weddings. They symbolise auspicious beginnings in the couple’s journey ahead. Hence the Nadar matrimonials, which have deep-rooted beliefs in family tradition, conduct each one of the post-wedding rituals with great care and attention. One of the important rituals followed is the Madi Nirappudhal ceremony.

Why Madi Nirappudhal Ritual In Tamil Nadar Wedding?

Once the couple complete the Pattana pravesham and Sitharu Thengai poduthal, they are ready to enter the groom’s residence. Here the bride is given a grand welcome by her new sister-in-law. They perform an Aarthi to ward off any evil eye and to pour blessings on the new couple. The presence of a Diya is always considered auspicious in the Tamil wedding rituals. The same applies when the bride is entering her new household. 

The sister-in-law arranges a plate with different items and welcomes her brother's partner into their family. After this, a few relatives from the groom's side accompany the couple back to the Kalyana Mahal at the Bride’s native place. This is called the Madi Nirappudhal ceremony. Madi means the stomach and nirappudhal means filling it up. Here a grand feast awaits them. There are special dishes which are mouth-watering and reflect the splendour of the Nadar weddings. They enjoy the feast and join in all the festivities that continue to be celebrated.

Tamil Nadar weddings are indeed a feast for all eyes and have to be savoured slowly, taking delight in each bite. Every ritual or function is meant to bring a lovely couple together in holy union. The positive atmosphere influences the entire crowd and everyone is left to enjoy a few days of relaxation and joy.


Tamil Nadar Post-Wedding Rituals Madi Nirappudhal