Tamil Mudaliyar Post Wedding Rituals - Reception

The post-wedding reception in a Tamil Mudaliyar community is a time for relaxation and happiness. After conducting many rituals and customs according to their age-old beliefs, the reception comes as a time to enjoy and be light. The reception, under normal circumstances, is conducted on the evening of the wedding. After all the rituals and welcoming the bride to the new home, a time is fixed for the wedding reception. Most families decide the venue and time for the reception along with the arrangements for the wedding itself This helps them to inform their relatives and friends well in advance.

After looking adorable in traditional attire for the past few days, it is a chance for the couple as well as the guests to shift to modern gear at the reception. There are many receptions where a dress code is also being followed. This is just for fun and to make the photo sessions look awesome. The family arranges a grand dinner with a variety of mouth-watering dishes. A lovely stage is set where the new couple is seated. They look adorable and perfect for each other on stage. 

The reception also gives the family members a chance to personally wish the couple and bestow them with gifts and blessings. The gifts are in the form of presents or even cash. The younger generation cousins and friends utilise this event to the maximum to have a lot of entertainment activities. There are planned and unplanned group dancing, singing, playing pranks and lots of other games. The whole purpose of the reception is for the families to mingle together, get to know each other well and to have a jolly good time.

The new couple relaxes into the jovial atmosphere and learns more about each other. They are relieved of the stress and rush of the Mudaliyar rituals as the reception is a more relaxed and informal affair. Having some time to enjoy with friends and family is considered to be a cherished gift and this is exactly what a Tamil Mudaliyar reception is meant for.


Tamil Mudaliyar Post-Wedding Rituals Reception