Post-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings - Sesha

Tamil Mudaliyar community is well known for their strong family bonds and thrilling wedding rituals. The weddings keep up the beauty of a rich heritage while providing lots of opportunity for reunions among families. 

Why Sesha Post-Wedding Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings?
An interesting and meaningful ceremony held in Mudaliyar weddings is the Sesha ritual. Once the Homam is completed, the uncle, aunt and sister of the bride place or tie a token on the couple's forehead known as Pattam. After the Pattam tying, Sesha happens. The Sesha ritual is conducted to bless the couple. The bride is made to sit to the left side of the groom. All the elders of the families are allowed to give their blessings during this ritual. 

What Happens During Sesha in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings?
A white cloth is placed on a tray in front of the bride and groom. There will be uncooked raw rice placed on the cloth. As the elders bless the couple, they take a handful of rice and drop it in front of the couple. This rice is later given to a washerman as per the age-old custom. 

After the Sesha, the couple walk three rounds around the fire and then the groom places a metti or toe ring on the second toe of the bride while placing her feet on a grinding stone. This is known as Ammi Mithithal. All these rituals are done with a lot of care and respect. They all symbolise the beginnings of harmonious married life.

Mudaliyar wedding rituals follow all the traditions that have been handed over across generations. At the same time, the ceremonies have a lot of scope for fun and games too. The families along with relatives and friends enjoy a wonderful time and relish the memories forever. 


Tamil Mudaliyar Post-Wedding Rituals Sesha