Post-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings – Paligai

The Mudaliyar customs and rituals during a wedding have been carried out as per their traditional cultural practices from time immemorial. Even today, if one takes part in a Tamil Mudaliyar wedding, one can see numerous hints of a rich heritage where family relations and values are given prime importance.

What is Paligai Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings ?
The importance of paligai dhanyam / Navadhanyams in Tamil Mudaliyar weddings is to be specially mentioned as this has a significant meaning. If you are wondering what is paligai meaning in Tamil - it simply means navadhanyams which are sprinkled with water and used for special poojas. The ritual includes filling 5 or 7 earthen pots, which have been decorated beautifully for this purpose, with curd and Navadhanyas. 

The Nine Dhanyams
Navadhanyams are a combination of Nine grains. In the Ancient Hindu belief system, these are linked to nine cosmic planets. It is believed that the nine cosmic planets have a massive influence on the destiny of every family member. This is why the rituals are carried out with great attention.

  • Barley is linked to the mighty Sun 
  • Little millets represent the Moon
  • Moong dal stands for Mercury
  • Pigeon peas for Mars
  • Chickpeas for Jupiter
  • Rice stands for Venus
  • Sesame for Saturn
  • Black gram for Rahu
  • Horse gram represents Ketu

Each planet is offered special prayers during the wedding rituals. These grains remain in the pots after the ceremony. They are seen as replicas of the bride and groom. These are then packed and sent along with the auspicious items when the bride leaves for the groom’s house. 

Significance of Paligai in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings
Three sumangalis (married women whose husbands are alive) perform the rituals as they are considered to be symbols of fertility and have been successful in producing healthy offspring. The Navadhanyams sprout in time and this symbolises healthy, blessed progeny for the new couple also. As the bride enters her new home, she goes bearing promises of new hope and healthy relationships. The new couple is blessed to start a life filled with joy and healthy children to take their family name forward.


Tamil Mudaliyar Post-Wedding Rituals Paligai