Kasi Yatra Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings

Tamil Mudaliyar wedding traditions are well known for all the fun and frolic present. Along with maintaining cultural rituals strictly, they make space for lots of laughter and enjoyment too. The pre-wedding rituals are mostly occasions where the whole family gets together to enjoy a great reunion. The events are planned in such a way that the entire atmosphere is filled with joy and love. One such pre-wedding ritual is the famous Kasi Yatra.

What Happens in Kasi Yatra Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings?
As per traditional Hindu customs, a bachelor can either choose to get married (Grihasthashramam) or can lead a pious life of a sanyasi. The Kasi Yatra rituals show an occasion where the groom plays the role of a young man who decides to leave for Kasi for becoming a sanyasi and move on to a life of pilgrimage and prayers. 

The bride's brother has to persuade the groom to halt that decision and return to the wedding. He also advises the groom that to attain inner peace and ultimate wisdom, one must go through all the stages in life. Grihasthashramam is one that gives new knowledge and teaches many new chapters in life and this is necessary to attain the Almighty when the time comes. The Groom is made to change his mind and return to the wedding venue. The bride’s brother also promises to give this sister in marriage to him if he does so. As a reciprocal to his to-be brother-in-law’s love and persistence, the groom offers him a gold ring called ‘pori modiram’ as a gift. The groom is offered gifts from the bride’s family as he has decided to continue with the wedding. He is welcomed back with an Aarthi to ward off any evil eye.

These days this ritual is accompanied by a lot of laughter and gaiety and is celebrated happily. The groom carries a Bamboo umbrella as he starts off for his Kasi yatra and also brings it back to remind him of the responsibilities he has towards his wife. The function reminds the young couple that being a supportive couple is necessary for passing through all stages of life. 


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