Kanganam Kattudal Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings

Attend a Tamil Mudaliyar wedding to experience sacred rituals, celebrations and a divine spread of delicious South Indian vegetarian food. The bride and groom commit to each other at the kalyana mandapam through the wedding ceremony conducted by a priest amidst family members, relatives and friends. The wedding ceremony itself is marked sacred through the holy fire called Homam, lit by the chosen priest to act as a witness for the marriage and it’s proceedings. One of the key Tamil wedding customs is the Kanganam Kattudal ceremony.

The Significance of Kanganam Kattudal Ritual in Tamil Mudaliyar Weddings

Kanganam in Tamil, meaning a wristband is the main item in this ritual. Ideally, this wristband is plain white in colour and is dipped in turmeric paste. The Kanganam Kattudal ceremony has great importance as it acts as an oath taken by the couple to remain committed to complete all rituals in lieu of the marriage. The thread also acts as spiritual protection from any negative energies or obstacles that may hinder the divine union from taking place. 

The threads for the bride and groom are first tied on a coconut. The bride is then asked by the priest to tie this sacred thread, around the wrist of the groom. The groom in exchange also ties the thread on his bride’s wrist. While this is done, Mangala Urumi music is played at a high pitch using the Mirudhangam and Nathaswaram. The thread is worn until the marriage ceremony is completed. Post the ceremony, the Kanganam will be removed by the officiator from their respective wrists.


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