Tamil Gounder Pre Wedding Ritual - Lagna Patrika - Wedding Invite

Much like the other communities, the Lagna Patrika in Tamil means a traditional marriage invitation card which is given in-person to close relatives. In the earlier days, the wedding used to be conducted only at the bride’s place and hence only close family and community members used to be invited. Traditionally, the invitation cards were distributed by the Kudimagan (citizen) who represents the bride or the groom’s family to extend an invitation on behalf of them. 

The Importance of Lagna Patrika (Wedding Invite) in a Tamil Gounder Wedding
Earlier, families considered it a great honour and prestige if the wedding invitation was handed to them. The Kudimagan would tell the number of people expected to attend from the invited families. Also, those who did not receive the cards would not attend it and even choose to boycott the wedding. The Kudimagan played an important role in marriages, even if the bride or the groom’s family personally invite, guests would not go for the wedding unless invited by the Kudimagan. 

The Changing Scenes in Tamil Gounder Weddings
However, the recent times we see invites flying out to friends, neighbours and other people who are not part of the Kongu community, hence the role of the Kudimagan has become less significant. This has also expanded the invitee’s list for the wedding and hence for the want of more space, weddings are being conducted in marriage halls. 

The traditional way of extending invitations in Gounder weddings has now changed and these days cards are printed and sent by courier or posts. Only close relatives and friends are personally handed wedding cards,  others are called by using mobile phones, or sent the invite by post or through email. Moreover, there is no way to know how many from a family will attend the marriage and makes it difficult to manage the guests unlike in olden days when the Kudimagan used to get a count. 


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