Pre Wedding Ritual In Tamil Gounder Weddings - Sagunam Parthal

Once the Porutham parthal is complete (potential bride and groom’s horoscopes are mutually exchanged, matched and consented), the next pre wedding step is Sagunam Parthal(Looking out for good omens). Gounder weddings give great importance to favourable omens to move forward with the next steps towards the wedding. 

Significance of Sagunam Parthal in Tamil Gounder Weddings
In Sagunam Parthal, both the bride and groom families visit the Kuladheivam (ancestral deity) temple and seek guidance from the good omens in the temple. Flowers are kept in front of the 'Deivam' (God) and they look for good omens. Only if there are positive signs, the alliance will be continued otherwise it is ended then and there. 

Good Omens: Movement of flower or garland, the sound of lizards from the right or overhead, hearing a musical instrument and seeing a good blaze of fire. 
Bad Omens: A black cat running or jumping, screaming sounds, sneezing, whirlwind and drops of rain. 

Family Visits
If the omens are good and positive, then there will be mutual visits to the bride and the groom’s house to check and evaluate all the aspects related to marriage. The bridegroom’s family and close relatives will visit the bride’s house to interact with the family and to mutually agree for the wedding. Later, the bride’s family and close relatives also visit the groom’s house mainly to see the house in which the bride will live and interact with the members of the family, especially the elders. Once both parties are convinced, they will move ahead to perform the Nichayadhaartham.


Tamil Gounder Pre-Wedding Rituals Sagunam Parthal