Mangala Vaazhthu - The Wedding Song In Tamil Gounder Weddings

Mangala Vaazhthu is a very special wedding song that is recited during all Kongu Vellalar Gounder weddings and is one of the age-old traditional wedding rituals. 

Significance Of The Song
This song was written by the great poet Kambar and it details all the events that take place during the wedding in the correct sequence. The song is composed in such a way as if each wedding is that of a King and Queen. Each and every word penned in this song describes the stature, lifestyle and culture of the Kongu Vellalar community. The song also blesses the newlywed couple with a lifetime of wealth and prosperity.

What’s Done During the Mangala Vaazhthu Song in Tamil Gounder Weddings
A large heap of rice is placed. The bridegroom and the brother of the bride hold their hands under the rice heap. The Mangala Vaazhthu song is sung during this time. In some Tamil Kalyanam (wedding) rituals, the relatives recite the song during the Enaicheer (pairing) function too.

A Little Flashback
It is believed that a huge flood was creating havoc on the banks of the river Cauvery. When people approached Kulothunga Chola who was the King then, he said that Cauvery would obey the words of a noble poet. The great poet Kambar then composed songs and sang them day and night till it stopped the flooding. To appreciate Kambar, the king ordered that the marriage donations (money given by well-wishers for the bride and groom) be given to Kambar. In exchange for the donation, the poet composed the Mangala Vaazhthu song.


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