Vaevu Irakkuthal Ritual In Tamil Chettiar Weddings

Vaevu Irakkuthal Ritual in Tamil Chettiar Weddings was set up during the olden days for the bride's side to display food grains, vegetables, and other items that they will send along with the bride to the groom’s house. These items are received by the groom's side. It is a custom of sharing the wealth by the bride's family with her in-laws. The baskets traditionally consisted of rice and brinjal but there is no limit to what the bride’s family can send along with their daughter. It is purely the decision of the bride and her parents. The mamakarar (maternal uncle) of the bride plays an important role in this ritual. The gifts that the bride is given is handed over to the groom's family by the uncle. He also helps in carrying it to the groom's house.

What can go into the display list?
Traditionally it contained rice and brinjals but now everything that the bride will need in her in-law's house can be given as a gift by her parents. Traditional utensils like the brass cookware ranging from spoons to big andahs (hoppers) which are used for cooking feasts are part of the Chettiar family list and so is the trendy non-stick cookware that will aid easy cooking. Iron cookware, plastic storage boxes, stainless steel utensils can all be a part of this endless list of items that the bride’s parents gift for her wedding. On a funny note, the friends tease the bride that though she can fit into a car, her gift items may not even fit into a big truck!

Every ritual in the Tamil Chettiar wedding showcases the rich bonding that they have within the family and in the relative circle. Vaevu Irakkuthal is also one such ritual where all the bride’s relatives come together and help her family put up a great show in front of her to-be in-laws. 


Tamil Chettiar Wedding Rituals Vaevu Irakkuthal