Pre-Wedding Ritual In Tamil Chettiar Weddings - Veetu Padaippu or Podhu Padaippu

Worshipping the ancestors and family members who are no longer alive is a culture that has been followed all over the world. The same is true in Tamil Nadu India culture too. A ‘Podhu’ or general Padaippu is an event in Tamil Chettiar Matrimony where different families gather to honour their ancestors whereas a Veedu Padaippu is conducted for a marriage where a single-family honour their ancestors prior to the wedding to seek their blessings. The meaning of the word Padaippu in English is 'offering' and the word 'Veedu' is a house. Read on to understand the significance of this pre-wedding ritual in Tamil Chettiar weddings:

Significance of Veetu Padaippu Ritual in Tamil Chettiar Weddings
After the Muhurtha Kaal Undruthal (erecting the bamboo cane), it is time to pray to the ancestors of the family. Veetu Padaippu is a ritual of praying to ancestors in the family home and Podhu Padaippu is a common prayer to all the ancestors in the family. 

What is Padaippu Veedu?
All the Pangalis (paternal ancestral lineage for both bride and groom) of the family gather together in a common location or a house. This house is called Padaippu Veedu. In Podhu Padaippu which is conducted in Padaippu Veedu, a traditional dish Paniyaram which is made of rice flour and jaggery is made and offered to the ancestors. Traditionally the Paniyaram is made by all the Achis or grandmothers of the families gathered for the event. Post the prayers, these Paniyarams are distributed to everyone in the family. A meal that the ancestors would have enjoyed is prepared and served to the family. 

This ritual is conducted to please the ancestors and ensure that the bride and groom are blessed by them for a peaceful life together.


Tamil Chettiar Pre-Wedding Rituals Veetu Padaippu Podhu Padaippu