Pre-Wedding Ritual In Tamil Chettiar Weddings - Muhurtha Kaal Undruthal

This is one of the few pre-wedding rituals that take place during a Chettiar wedding. After finalizing the marriage date, Muhurta Kaal Undruthal is done four to five days before the wedding. This is the first pooja that officially starts off the wedding rituals. A pundit or priest is invited to perform the pooja. It is usually conducted in the presence of 9 married elderly ladies of the family.

Procedure for Muhurtha Kaal Undruthal Ritual in Tamil Chettiar Wedding 

  • A hole is drilled at the corners of the house entrance and the location is chosen in consultation with the elders as per tradition.
  • The bamboo pole is placed in that hole. 
  • Before starting the ritual the pole is cleansed using water, milk, sandalwood paste and turmeric paste.
  • It is then fitted with mango leaves placed on top of the cane.
  • As per the priest’s instruction, relatives of the bride use manjal (turmeric) and kumkum(vermilion) on the bamboo tree at five places to keep a pottu (dot). 
  • This bamboo cane is called Muhurtha Kaal and is now erected or tied up straight. 
  • An aarti with camphor, sambrani or dhoopa stick and incense stick is performed
  • coconut is broken to finish off the ritual

This whole ritual is called Muhurtha Kaal Undruthal. This Muhurtha Kaal serves as an announcement that a wedding is taking place in the family. This is a puja that is performed by both the bride and groom's families in their respective houses and offer prayers to God so that the Chettiar matrimonial rituals, all preparations and the marriage takes place without any glitches. 


Tamil Chettiar Pre-Wedding Rituals Muhurtha Kaal Undruthal