Mana Pen Solli Kolluthal Ritual In Tamil Chettiar Wedding

The Tamil Chettiar community, also known as the Nagarathars, are well known for their business acumen and have a great sense of financial intelligence. Taking into consideration all the members of the community, one can see that they belong to a total of 9 temples belonging to Nagercoil district in Tamil Nadu. When it comes to selecting a bride or groom, they must belong to different temples. The children in the same temple are considered to be siblings and hence a marriage among them is not allowed. So wedding proposals are always between two different temples. Both the temples should also approve of the union. Then only can the wedding arrangements and decisions proceed further.

What is the Significance of Mana Pen Solli Kolluthal in Tamil Chettiar Wedding?
Each ritual performed in the wedding ceremony has a significant meaning and importance. One of the most emotional moments is when the bride bids adieu to her childhood home. This is called the Mana Pen Solli Kolluthal - mana pen means the newly wedded bride, solli kolluthal means telling goodbye. It is a testing time for the bride and her parents. She will be leaving her parent’s place where she has lived all time and moving to a new home. 

The Chettiar bride will be nervous and anxious about the new experiences while being saddened at the thought of leaving the comfort of her parent’s home. She will have to get accustomed to the mannerisms in the new home and will also have to learn to accept the new family as her own. During this ritual, all the elders bless her abundantly. They pray that her new home will keep her happy. The relatives offer their support in every step of her new life and gracefully send her to the groom’s home.

The traditions and customs of the wedding rituals for chettiars need to be praised for their simplicity and meaning. The wedding as a whole is glamorous and full of splendour, however, each ritual reflects the simplicity and humbleness of their thoughts and actions.


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