Mamiyar Sadangu In Tamil Chettiar Wedding

The Tamil Chettiar community has many rituals that are followed by strict discipline. They are a business keen group of people who are very strong in their beliefs and cultural traditions. The wedding ceremonies are elaborate and go on for many days. Each ceremony has great significance and meaning. These functions are meant for the prosperity and bright future of the new couple. The weddings bring the families together and all the functions are held with great pomp and splendour.

In the Nagar Kovil area, there is a specific group called Nagarathas, who also come within this proud community. They belong to altogether 9 temples, each subdivision belongs to one temple. This makes the Nagarathar marriage between two families more complex as both the bride and groom should belong to different temples. People of the same temple are considered to be brothers and sisters.

What is Mamiyar Sadangu In Tamil Chettiar Wedding?
One of the main events or ceremonies in Tamil wedding customs is the Mamiyar Sadangu. Mamiyar Sadangu means a ritual done by the mother-in-law. As the name suggests, it is conducted to give importance to the relations between the mother in law and the bride. The significance is to increase the bonding and understanding between the two important females in the Groom's life. They should live in harmony and close to each other as a bond as this is extremely important for a long term happy married life. 

During this ceremony, the mother-in-law carries a silver plate with several smaller bowls (Kinnam). Each bowl has different ingredients like Vethalai( betel leaf), Kumkum (vermilion), Manjal(turmeric), etc. She takes out a bit from each bowl, one after the other, and applies it to herself and then for her daughter in law. Each ingredient stands for a special blessing like prosperity, freshness, purification, fertility, soul connection, etc.

The entire community strives hard to maintain healthy relationships amongst different family members. Tamil Chettiars know the importance of strong family bonds and are very keen on upholding family traditions.


Tamil Chettiar Wedding Rituals Mamiyar Sadangu