Pre-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Iyer Weddings - Pallikai Thellichal

The Pallikai Thellichal is a pre wedding ritual that is conducted in Hindu Brahmin Iyer weddings and is a custom that is rooted in folklore. Here nine different types of grains which are called as the Navadhanyas are mixed with dollops of curd by 5 to 7 Sumangalis or married women and placed in seven pots decorated with sandalwood paste. These grains are wheat, rice, red lentils, green gram, Bengal gram, white beans, black sesame, horse gram, and black gram. While the grains are mixed with curd, a Kolam made of rice powder is drawn in the house to invoke God's blessings. 

What Happens

  • Seven earthen pots decorated with sandalwood are filled with nine grains.
  • Around 5 to 7 Sumangalis or married women will water and nurture them till the grain sprouts. This symbolizes a new beginning in life.
  • After the marriage, the newlyweds will immerse the earthen pots into a pond to feed the fish. 


The Significance
This ritual is significant as animals and birds have a special place in Hindu mythology and they act as vehicles of gods and goddesses. Moreover, nature is held in high regard in Hindu Culture be it trees, water (Varuna deva), air (Vayu Deva), and feeding of the needy and underprivileged is encouraged. Also, it is believed that feeding birds, fishes, animals will add to good karma and reduce the bad effects of planets in horoscope. Since marriage is a new beginning for the couple, feeding fish is a way to seek blessings from nature for its abundance and support of life in many ways. 


Brahmin Iyer Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals Pallikai Thellichal