Pre-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Iyer Weddings - Nichayathartham

In South Indian Tamil Brahmin Iyer weddings, matching of horoscopes is a must. Once the horoscopes match and the families agree for marriage, the Nichayathartham takes place. The term Nichayathartham means engagement. Tamil Brahmin Iyer Nichayathartham will be held on an auspicious day. It is an event where the boy and girl families meet and choose a Muhurtham (auspicious date and time for marriage) based on the horoscopes of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. It also kicks off the wedding preparations.

The Nichayathartham Ritual

  • Pooja is offered to Lord Ganesha to clear any obstacles and is conducted in the presence of a priest
  • The family exchanges coconuts and Thamboola (betel leaves) in the presence of the elderly
  • The bride and groom then exchange rings
  • A Lagna Patrika is prepared and read by the priest which makes it the official announcement of the date, time, and venue of the wedding in front of the gathered guests
  • The groom’s family offers the bride lots of gifts ranging from cosmetics, dresses, daily essentials, healthy food items, saree and jewelry
  • The bride’s family in return offers the groom new clothes
  • The bride and groom wear new clothes gifted to them 
  • The bride also wears the jewelry gifted to her
  • The bride's forehead is decorated with Kumkum and Chandan and she receives Kumkum, Turmeric, Fruits, Betel and coconut in the pallu of her saree
  • A flower garland is tied around the waist
  • Aarti is done for the bride to ward off any negativity that may affect her or the wedding.


The aarthi ends the nichayathartham ritual. After the aarthi, the bride's family present the gathered relatives of the groom's side with goodies. The Nichayathartham ends on a high note with the guests being treated to a grand feast.


Brahmin Iyer Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals Nichayathartham Engagement