Pre-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Iyer Weddings - Naandi Srardham

Nandi Shrardham is one of the major pre-wedding ceremonies in Tamil Brahmin Iyer wedding rituals where prayers are offered to Naandi Devtas. 

The Significance
The Naandi devatas are the holy Pitrus or ancestors who are offered prayers. They play a vital role by blessing the two families with good health. Since marriage is the beginning of a new life and family, it is important to seek their blessings. 

When & Where
The father of the bride and the groom perform this ritual before the groom heads to the Kalyana Mandapam (wedding hall). Based on the time available, it can be done on the day of the wedding or a day before. It is believed that if the Naandi Srardham is done properly the couple is blessed with a happy marriage. It also eradicates any evil or negativities from obstructing the wedding and hence is carried out before the wedding. 

The Ritual

  • Prayers are offered to the ancestors of both the bride and the groom's family before Tamil Iyer wedding rituals commence
  • The priest who conducts the puja chants the Srardham mantra and invokes the blessings of the Pitrus to the ceremony
  • A branch of a tree with leaves is set up to please the ancestors and 5 married women wash it with milk
  • During this pooja, the families invite a maximum of 10 Brahmins to an authentic south Indian feast
  • Once the ritual is completed, the bride and the groom are gifted clothes and the Pitrus are sent off from the physical plane
  • After the feast, the Brahmins are offered flowers, coconut, fruits, sweets, paan, and traditional clothes
  • The family then requests the Brahmins to offer their blessings to the bride and groom.

Brahmin Iyer Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals Naandi Srardham