Pre-Wedding Rituals in Tamil Brahmin Iyer Weddings - Pandal Kaal Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham dates are chosen with utmost care after a careful consideration of the birth stars of the bride and groom. Each and every ritual in the Tamil Brahmin Iyer wedding is to be done at a particular date and time. Pandal kaal muhurtham is performed three days before the marriage ceremony. 

The Significance
In this, a bamboo pole is erected at an auspicious time at the house-entrance preferably the gate of both the bride and groom. Prayers are offered to God for a happy and peaceful wedding. It is a belief that this ritual invokes the blessings of the Gods to ensure that the marriage ceremony proceeds without any interruptions. A decorated bamboo pole is also a hint that the pre-wedding rituals for a beautiful wedding ceremony have commenced. 

What is the procedure for Pandal Kaal Muhurtham?

  • The pandal ritual is done by 9 Sumangalis (Married women whose husbands are still alive are called Sumangalis) and the procedure is as follows:
  • After consulting with the elders, the apt Dasa (the right direction for pooja) will be decided and a hole will be dug up at the corner of the house entrance
  • The bamboo pole will be put in place after cleaning it with water, milk, turmeric paste, and sandalwood paste as these are considered auspicious
  • Then sumangalis apply kumkum (vermilion)and manjal (turmeric powder)
  • A thread that is dipped in turmeric powder is tied on the bamboo pole
  • After this, some ma-elai (mango leaves) along with colourful flowers are tied along with the knot  on the bamboo pole
  • When all the above is done, the ritual is completed by burning incense or sambrani and breaking the coconut kept for this purpose
  • An aarti is performed with karpuram (camphor)offering prayers invoking the Gods to bless the couple 

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