Pre Wedding Rituals In Tamil Brahmin Iyer Weddings - Lagna Pathirikai

Lagna Pathrikai is the wedding invitation. This marks the official announcement of the marriage. Prior to the writing of the formal invitation for the wedding, both families consult their family priests and come up with a list of auspicious dates as per the bride and groom's horoscopes. Nowadays this can also be online, check out for lagna patrika matching online on websites like Thirumanaporutham and 

Both families sit together and figure out an auspicious date that suits them to conduct the wedding. Many things will need to be considered and among them, the availability of the Marriage hall is also a critical factor. In this ritual, a formal draft is created by the priest clearly specifying all the details.

Lagna Pathrikai Format in Tamil Brahmin Iyer Weddings
The Lagna Pathirikai will clearly outline the name of the bride and groom, the marriage venue, time of the marriage, and the date of the marriage
The details like the proper name of the bride and groom, their families, ancestral lineage, etc will be mentioned and verified by both families

Procedure for Lagna Pathirikai Rituals in Tamil Brahmin Iyer Weddings

  • The formal invitation is then read aloud by the priest to the gathered people. 
  • The lagna pathrikai is then signed by both the head of the family and is considered as a written contract for the marriage
  • Sweetmeat is distributed by the bride's family to the groom's family to celebrate the occasion
  • All the other details regarding the marriage preparation and rituals are discussed
  • The families will then exchange gifts
  • Both families mingle and get to know each other
  • The first wedding card is sent to the Lord Ganesha temple for blessings and later the cards will be distributed to the family members, friends, and relatives.

The cards can also be checked online before printing them, you can look for lagna patrika designs with price and select the one that you prefer. If you are not so familiar with reading and writing Tamil then the lagna patrika format in English is available online on websites like Menaka Cards and King of Cards. 


Brahmin Iyer Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals Lagna Pathirikai Wedding Invitation