Post Wedding Ritual for Tamil Iyer Weddings - Gruhapravesam

After the completion of the marriage ceremony of the Iyer wedding ceremony in the mandap, the bride should enter the groom’s house on an auspicious Muhurtham. The Muhurtham will be calculated early by a priest and it should be followed without fail. This entering ceremony is called Gruhapravesam Pooja. If the groom resides in the same city and lives close to the Kalyana Mandap then it is done in his house depending on the auspicious time provided by the priest. If that is not possible it is done in the groom's room at the Kalyana Mandapam by considering it as his house. 

The Procedure

  • An arati will be performed by the mother-in-law and sister-in-law before the bride enters the marital house.
  • A pot filled with rice is placed on the doorstep and the bride using her right foot should tilt it gently so that it overflows. It signifies that the bride will bring great joy and prosperity to the new home.
  • The bride will then place her foot on red-colored water and walk into the house, leaving footprints which symbolize the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi
  • After entering the house, she is made to sit on a wooden plank and given milk and bananas
  • She will be made to light a sacred lamp called the 'Kuthuvilakku' in the puja room
  • She will be welcomed with love and respect
  • Gifts will be given to her by the groom’s family

The groom’s family helps make the bride feel at home. Some fun-filled activities are carried out so that the bride can ease her tension.


Tamil Brahmin Iyer Gruhapravesam Grihapravesam Post-Wedding Rituals