Post-Wedding Ritual In Tamil Iyengar Weddings - Sammandhi Mariyathai

Once the Saptapadi is over, as per the Iyengar wedding traditions, the newlyweds seek blessings from their parents and parents-in-law. Then, the couple seeks the blessings of the Acharya or the priest as in Hindu culture, the teacher or guru plays an essential part in one's life. At weddings, the priest takes the place of the teacher. Following the teacher, the newlyweds proceed to seek the blessings of the maternal uncle and other elders in the family. 

Significance of Sammandhi Mariyathai in Tamil Brahmin Iyengar Weddings-Exchange of Gifts
Once the marriage ceremonies are concluded, and the bride and groom get ready to leave the mandapam to start their new life together, the families gather and exchange gifts. The gifts can be anything and are based on the financial position of the families and is a token of appreciation for performing the wedding duties. Some families gift silk sarees or silver artefacts while others gift other memorable items.
During Sammandhi Mariyathai, gifts are generally given to:

  • Bride’s side: Parents, brothers, sisters, maternal uncle, and aunt
  • Groom’s side: Parents, brothers, sisters, maternal uncle.

If the parents of either the groom or the bride are no more, then the Tamil brahmin rituals will be conducted by the father's brother or by the elder brother if he is married. While gifting, it is mandatory to add Manjal(turmeric), Kumkum(vermillion), and Santhanam(sandal powder) in the gift bag as it signifies the start of many more such happy events in the future. 


Brahmin Iyengar Tamil Post-Wedding Rituals Sammandhi Mariyathai