Mangalya Dharanam And Panigrahanam Ritual In Tamil Iyengar Weddings

Thali Bhagya And ‘Handing Over’ 
The Mangalya Dharanam is a ritual performed after Kanyadanam. The groom’s parents present a nine-yard silk saree which is one of the traditional Iyengar wedding sarees to the bride which indicates that the bride is accepted into the family. This saree is retained by the bride and is worn throughout her life for all religious ceremonies. The girl has to wear this wedding saree (Koora pudavai) for the Mangalya Dharanam ritual when a sacred thread is tied around her neck by the groom. Mangalya dharanam in Tamil means that it is the time or moment when the mangalyam (thali) is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom. 

Tying the Sacred Thread - Mangalya Dharanam Ritual
Before tying the Mangalyam, it is blessed by the priests and the elders present at the wedding. The turmeric coated thread has a Thirumangalyam or Thali attached to it, the Thali is tied around the neck of the bride with three knots, the first two are tied by the groom and the last one by the groom’s sister.  

Paanigrahanam Ritual(Adoption of the Bride by the Groom’s Family)
Once the Mangalya is tied, the next ritual is the Paanigrahanam where the groom holds the right hand of the bride and recites the following mantras which mean:

  • The devas, Indra, Bhaga, Aryama and other gods have given you to me to guide the family. I am taking hold of your hand so that we are together for life and have good progeny.
  • May you provide us with prosperity and good progenies
  • May we live our lives in harmony and compatibility till the end
  • Sarasvati! We praise you foremost and may you protect this Panigrahanam ritual.
  • May gods Agni and Vayu make you like-minded like me and may the gods grant you harmony. Please lead us to a beautiful life together.

Both, Mangalya Dharanam And Panigrahanam Ritual in Tamil Iyengar Weddings signify the completion of the core wedding ritual. The bride and groom are considered married to each other. 


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