Gowri Pooja Ritual in Tamil Brahmin Iyengar Weddings

Gowri Pooja also spelled as Gauri Pooja is a very common wedding ritual carried out by the bride as she prays before the Goddess for an auspicious start to a happy married life! Gowri Pooja or Gowri Vratham procedure in Tamil Iyengar wedding rituals is quite simple yet very powerful. 

Significance of Gowri Pooja Ritual in Tamil Brahmin Iyengar Weddings
Goddess Gowri is the most powerful mother of the universe, and she symbolises purity, motherhood, fertility, and goodness. Gowri Pooja is performed by the bride on the wedding day to seek the blessings of Goddess Gowri for a happy married life. Goddess Gowri is the wife of Lord Shiva and she epitomises love, beauty, fertility, marriage, children, devotion, power and divine strength. The bride takes inspiration from Goddess Gowri and prays for similar strength and divine love in her life, free of obstacles. The bride offers prayers to Goddess Gowri during the Gowri Pooja aarti and seeks her blessings for a peaceful, prosperous and long married life.  

How is it done?
The Gowri Pooja is usually scheduled on the wedding day, but it again depends on the customs followed by the family. Some families conduct this function before any other pre-wedding rituals to ensure an auspicious start. The decision is taken based on all other factors, like the convenience of the priest and the bride’s family.  Usually, the guest list will be limited and will include only close family members. 

Every bride wishes for a happy married life, and this is why Gowri Pooja holds a unique place amongst the many Tamil community weddings. 


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