Kerala Ezhava Wedding Rituals - Fixing An Auspicious Time for Muhurtham

Traditionally Malayalam Ezhava weddings are simple affairs. Unlike other South Indian weddings which may last for two to three days, an Ezhava wedding is carried out in a day. In fact, even within their state counterparts, Ezhava weddings are considered to be the shortest. 

Fixing a Muhurtham Time in Kerala Ezhava Wedding
Marriage is the most important event for the bride, groom and their families and one of the most critical things in this event is fixing an auspicious time for marriage which is also called the 'Muhurtham'. The family astrologer is consulted days before the Paranjoonu (engagement ceremony). He compares the horoscopes of both the bride and groom and selects an auspicious date and time for ‘Vivaham’(tying the knot) which is to be adhered to. 

It is believed that getting married at an auspicious time that is suitable for both the bride and groom will ensure that they lead a happy married life together. The month, day, nakshatras, or the stars and yogas, are checked by the astrologer to fix the ideal muhurtham time for Vivaham. The muhurtham is usually fixed early in the morning on the day of marriage. The thali tying ritual is completed within this auspicious time and the couple is blessed by kith and kin. 

Though the wedding ritual is simple, the Ezhava community likes to have people in large numbers for their weddings. In earlier days, the Kerala Ezhava wedding was conducted only at the residence of the bride. Today, marriage halls are chosen for convenience and ease of managing big crowds which may be difficult for both the families. 


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