Wedding Attire In Kerala Brahmin Iyer or Bhattar Weddings

The wedding attire for women who are getting married is the famous Kasavu Saree. It has to be plain white with a golden border. This saree is considered as the most precious and auspicious among all her saree collection and is worn again only on special family occasions. 

The Wedding Attire in Kerala Brahmin Iyer or Bhattar Weddings
Traditional Kasavu saree was made of Tissue cotton but with changing times the brides have started wearing the silk version. Even the colour has seen a change with many modern brides wearing light shades like leafy green, mellow-red, etc instead of all-white. Gold jewellery is also part of the wedding attire in India as it is considered as an auspicious metal. She is adorned in gold with layers of gold necklaces, bangles, anklets, earrings, waistband, and Maang Tikka. The Kasu Mala is a famous necklace style that most brides wear. 

The Kerala Brahmin groom wears a traditional Mundu, he is mostly bare-chested with a Melmundu which is a small piece of cloth worn around the shoulder. Some grooms prefer to wear a shirt along with the Mundu but may have to remove it for a few rituals. The Mundu or the dhoti is made of tissue cotton or silk. The border of the Mundu is golden and is worn keeping in mind that gold is auspicious. 

The parents of the bride and groom also wear Kasavu and Mundu as their wedding attire. They also add a lot of gold ornaments which is also a status symbol for them and they take pride in showing it off. The women adorn their hair with Jasmine flowers and have oiled hair. 


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