Checklists And To-Do Lists

Indian Weddings can become a seamless affair if all the planning and arrangements to make the wedding perfect are in place. However, it’s easy to miss out on trivial things under so much pressure with a deadline. That is where a handy wedding day checklist of things-to-do will help. You can also look into the online checklists like The Knot, Weddingz or Magnet Street for assistance. 

Set a budget: Weddings are a costly affair and thanks to wedding seasonal magazines and showcasing conferences, it is easy to go overboard. It is essential for you to set a realistic budget and then go on to decide what is important really important to you. Spend wisely.

Decide on the events: Decide on the pre and post-wedding events that you plan to have before booking the venue. Most importantly, decide which events you want to host at home and which ones at the venue. 

Guestlist: List out all the guests you plan to invite, edit and review. This exercise can help decide on the venue size and other requirements for the size of the guestlist (like parking spots, hotels nearby, transport, etc.). 

Book a venue: Once all the above nitty-gritty is worked out, go ahead and book the venue. Try to work out a discount by reviewing their wedding packages.

Book the priest: A good priest who performs the wedding is essential. Book him early as they are in great demand especially during the wedding season.

Catering: Based on the guest list and the cuisine, book a reputed catering service. Alternatively, speak to the venue management as they may have catering contacts they collaborate with. This may work out budget-wise without compromising on quality.

Book vendors: Photographer, band, flower decorator and transport are some of the people you should find and book. 

Shopping: Tons of shopping has to be done for a wedding not just for the bride and groom, but also other relatives. So start early.

Wedding Card: Select an invitation card early in the wedding preparation as printing and distributing takes time.

Planning a wedding is hectic but it can be made easy through efficient handling and delegation of work. 


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