10 Important Things To Look For In Your Prospective Son-In-Law

Choosing the right partner for your daughter is a crucial decision. As a bride’s parent, you could be anxious if your prospective son-in-law can provide a secure environment for her or if he can be a loving partner. Here are some of the important things to look for in your prospective son-in-law during groom search.

  1. Education- Is he professionally qualified and does he have an educational background that matches your/ your daughter’s expectations?
  2. Financial security- does his current employment and salary allow for him to share financial responsibilities equally? Is his current employment abroad or within the country of mutual desire?
  3. How is the Family background including parents and siblings? 
  4. Does he have any habits like smoking, drinking or any vices?
  5. Does he have a house of his own or is willing to live separately from parents?
  6. Is there a mutual understanding and respect of core values and beliefs including spirituality, religion, family values, health and fitness, etc.? 
  7. Is there a mutual respect of ambitions and decisions - personally and career-wise? 
  8. Does he have a progressive attitude- No gender bias when it comes to sharing family responsibilities and roles?
  9. Will he be broad-minded - not ask her to quit a job to take care of the family nor restrict her from being herself?
  10. Does he have a keen sense of humour with a willingness to forgive and learn? (This can be the ice breaker to any situation)

So if you are looking for the ideal man for your precious little daughter, please be sure to run through the basic list above. After all, as parents, we wish a blissful marriage filled with love, happiness and a long life together for our children. 


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