10 Important Things To Look For In Your Prospective Daughter-In-Law

Carrying out a suitable Indian bride search as per Indian customs? If you don’t want drama and wish for a bride suitable to your son’s life and desires, below are the things to look for in your future daughter-in-law. 

Education: Is she a qualified professional? Does she match your son’s level of qualification? An educated girl is an asset to any family and community.

Family Background: Parents and siblings details including family name, ancestry origins, job details, financial security etc.

Belief systems: Does her belief match your son’s belief systems regarding religion, spirituality, food habits, core values, family values etc.?

Communicate: Is she an effective communicator? Communicating openly within a relationship can provide room for improvement in the marriage between both partners.

Life goals: Do they share similar future plans? Where does she see herself personally and career-wise in the coming years? Discuss potential plans if it includes children, traveling, relocating, higher education or any other wishes where it can suit your son’s desires too.

Personality and lifestyle: Like your own son, your prospective bride probably spent all her life building her personality and has had a different upbringing from that of your son. Ensure their personalities can complement each other, including compassion for each other.

While these are generic points, they work as an excellent navigation to choosing a suitable bride for your son. 


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