Planning Your Honeymoon: Goodbye Wedding Stress, Hello Honeymoon Bliss!

After the numerous wedding rituals and ceremonies come to the much-awaited honeymoon. Many Indian couples prefer to pick honeymoon destinations abroad to engage in exploring a new country together in their own privacy.

Here are a few key points to remember when you are making your honeymoon plans:

Plan early
In order to get the best prices and packages, start planning your honeymoon early. You might even be able to score cool deals on premium rooms. Don’t forget to mention you are newlyweds to the hotel or resort to avail discounted honeymoon packages and some pampering!

Plan as a couple
Discuss with your spouse about your honeymoon plan. Make sure it’s a joint effort so both can enjoy it.

Be Original
Rather than copying another couple’s itinerary try to come up with your own. This way, you can tailor the trip to include both your interests. Your idea of camel riding may not be in harmony with his idea of skydiving! 

Check Passport Validity
Make sure that your passport has a validity of six months from the date that you are planning to travel. Many honeymooners forget this important point and wind up being turned away at the airport.

Ask Around
Rather than relying solely on a Google search for honeymoon ideas, ask friends and family. You can also use Instagram as a source of fresh ideas searching hashtags. You will also be able to see actual pictures of different locations rather than photoshopped ones.

Set A Budget
It is essential to set a budget when you look for honeymoon packages so that you don’t empty out your wallet. After all, nobody wants to come back from a beautiful honeymoon trip only to be faced with a mile-long credit card bill!


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