10 Trending Designs For Engagement Rings

Engagement rings for couples is a symbol of commitment to stay together forever. Finding a ring is difficult especially if you are sure what your partner likes. But here are the latest trends in the market that can help you find the best for your partner. 

  1. Solitaire setting: You can’t go wrong with this solitaire ring as the engagement rings of diamond and sapphire are timeless and chic and perfect for the bride. 
  2. Coloured stones: These rings come in shades of red, emeralds, green and black and have reappeared into the market after it was seen on Kate Middleton’s finger. 
  3. Rose gold: This pink gold has made a comeback and how! This rosy shade is great for all skin tones and is trending like never before. 
  4. Stackable setting: Stones in various shapes like round, oval, etc. are paired with arched bands. They have interlock designs. The stacked settings are not likely to stay for a long time. 
  5. Pear cut: These pear-shaped diamonds are more fashionable than the solitaire and can be used to create a ring stack. 
  6. Clustered setting: Engagement rings and wedding bands need not be boring. The clustered settings ring can look stunning with one stone flanked by stones on either side. 
  7. Vintage: Old is new again with vintage designs be it Indian or European like the antique designs in gold, silver and platinum. 
  8. Mixed metals: A metal like platinum is used for a diamond setting and can make the ring look stunning. 
  9. Custom: Among the latest trends in the custom design rings are those that are unique and allows the couple to be creative to design their ring. Couples can add the name or starting letter of their fiance or even mix the designs of two rings to create their unique design. 
  10. Thin bands: If you don’t like the thick bands there are many designs which have stunning stones on thin bands giving a minimalist look. 

In addition to these, you can also go for engagement rings for couples in which the rings complement each other. 


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