Which Is Your Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone that is associated with the birth month or astrological sign of the individual. Birthstones were known to be associated with powers, however, they work on the vibrations of each gemstone. Individual gemstones are crystals that are sensitive and hold a vibration which could prove to be beneficial to the wearer because of their healing energies. Birthstones are both associated with month or planet position at the time of birth. 

History Of Birthstones
Birthstones were first used for its benefits well before biblical times. Historians argue that the first evidence was of the 12 gemstones on the priestly breastplate of Aaron ( a high priest of the Old Testament). However, it was Josephus (Jewish historian from 1st century AD) and St. Jerome who began associating gemstones with zodiac signs. Post this, it was believed that each stone was allocated to the month for its vibrancy resonation. This potentially could benefit the wearer making people believe that each stone had its own power. Therefore, people started collecting these to wear all 12 gemstones together like a charm or just for therapeutic advantages.

It was in 1912 that the US National Association of Jewelers released a list of “modern birthstones”.  These were different from the traditional birthstones both in meaning and looks. 

Modern vs Traditional birthstones
While gem enthusiasts today like to mix both types, you won’t find conventional consumers accrediting stones to powers. Instead, it’s the popular meaning and common associations made, that is interesting. 
Modern birthstones feature transparent gems while traditional birthstones use a mix of transparent and opaque gemstones like opal, pearl, and turquoise. 

What is your birthstone?
Now that you understand birthstones, let’s take a look at the gemstones and their month association. Depending on your birth month, the gemstone advantages associated with it and its advantages are described below:

Gemstone: Garnet
Garnets are hard stones that can be used for daily wear. Deep red garnets are most associated with the first month of the calendar- January. However, they come in different shades too including yellow, orange, dark pink, even purple and green! Garnets signify friendship and trust. These gemstones are popularly believed to protect people during travel.

Gemstone: Amethyst
This violet coloured stone is popularly associated with royalty and serenity. It is believed to strengthen relationships and provide courage to the wearer. There are different violet hues available in this gemstone, it’s best to choose one that suits individual colour preference. Traditionally, it is believed that the deeper the purple, the higher the values.

Gemstone: Aquamarine
A modern birthstone, aquamarine is attributed to youth, health, hope, and love. Traditionally it was associated with excellent healing powers for the heart, stomach, and liver. It is a durable gemstone recommended for daily wear.

Gemstone: Diamond
Considered in the modern-day as a “girl’s best friend”, the colourless diamond stone outshines all with its design and clarity. However, there are many coloured diamonds available ranging from black, yellow, brown, etc. This stone is the  symbol of love, marriage, and courage.

Gemstone: Emerald
Emerald represents the rich and is symbolic of new life. This extends to signify fertility, health, and faithfulness. This green gem was said to be Cleopatra’s favourite stone. Traditional belief suggests the wearer gets increased foresight, youth, and good fortune.

Gemstone: Pearl/Alexandrite
Traditionally, the pearl was seen as the birthstone for the month of June. However, Alexandrite, the modern gem, has taken its place and is now seen as the gemstone of the month. A rare gem, it is known to change colours. Alexandrite appears green in sunlight and changes into a purplish red under luminous lighting. Considering it is a recent find (19th century, Russia), it has no ancient meanings. Nevertheless, it has been highly regarded as intuition and pleasure heightening stone. 

Gemstone: Ruby
Ruby is the traditional and modern gemstone of the month of July. This gem is symbolic in love, wealth, passion and peace. In olden times, people often chose to wear these to protect them from evil energies. 

Gemstone: Peridot
This modern gemstone ranges in colours of green, yellow to brown. However, the most popular colour hue is lime green. It symbolizes strength and was used to ward off evil and nightmares. Another modern gem option for August is Spinel. 

Gemstone: Sapphire
When we think of Sapphire, we automatically think of the colour blue. However, this September birthstone comes in all colours but-red. Sapphires hold a high position in the Middle East where it is used to protect loved ones from harm. Christian clergy, on the other hand, wears Sapphire to symbolize heaven. In modern-day, this birthstone stands for wisdom, purity, and faith.

Gemstone: Tourmaline/Opal
Tourmaline is the modern birthstone that comes in different varieties and colours. However, it is Opal that is the traditional birthstone associated with the month of October. It is often argued as the luckiest or unluckiest birthstone.

Gemstone: Topaz/Citrine
November has both Topaz or Citrine as their gemstones. Although both are often confused for each other, they are distinct gems. Historically it was believed that wearing a golden topaz could help eyesight while protecting health. Today, it is seen as a sign of love and affection.     

Gemstone: Turquoise/Tanzanite/Blue zircon

Traditionally, turquoise was seen as the birthstone associated with December. The other option was Lapis Lazuli. There has since been a modern shift that introduced tanzanite, blue zircon to relieve pain and boost appetite.

The most important thing to remember is that your birthstone has to be worn on your body in the form of jewellery or a pendant at all times. Having it touch your skin allows for the flow of vibration and it’s a benefit to truly affect the wearer. Many gemstone specialists believe by doing so, your body connects to the planets’ healing energy. Wearing birthstones is the perfect way to build a spiritual connection and was often seen as stones with magical powers.  Whichever your birthstone, choose one carefully from a trusted jeweller that uses genuine stones and metals. 


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