The Must-Have Jewellery For Easy Budget Planning

So you don’t want to end up looking like a bright Barbie doll and instead want to use that money on your honeymoon perhaps? Good choice. Here are some of the must-have jewelry for the bride that’ll help you tone down your expenses.

  • Bangles: A must-have for all the brides as it symbolizes luck, fertility, and prosperity in her newly married life. There are many designs to choose from for a traditional Indian bride.
  • Maang tikka/ Nethi Chutti: It is worn on the forehead on the parting of the hair. There are many designs one can select from but it should look elegant and graceful. It is called Nethi chutti, vaguppu chutti or Papidi Billa in the southern states, and is a must-have for all Indian brides
  • Kasu Malai or Necklace: This jewelry is worn to the neck and adds to the elegance. It is usually made in the shape of gold coins and is of smaller length but off late many girls prefer to wear long neckpieces that look majestic.
  • Jhumki: A Jhumki is worn on the ear. It complements the necklace and is bell-shaped. It is worn along with a Maattal which is attached to the braids. Light but long exquisite earrings are the preferred choice. 
  • Nose ring: It is available in various designs and shapes, it can be made of a single stone or many stones and acts as a great highlight for your face. 
  • Waistband or Ottiyanam: Is placed on the bride’s hip on the silk saree. Traditional waistbands have Goddess Lakshmi in the waist belt but modern ones come in various designs. 
  • Anklets and toe ring: These are worn on the feet. Since most Indian Hindu families consider gold to be a godly ornament, anklets are not made of gold but in silver. The toe-rings are a symbol of married women in many traditions.

Traditional Indian bridal jewelry is mostly made of gold with a few pieces of silver jewelry also thrown in the mix making it an elegant set. Gold is a premium choice of metal for a bride as it is considered as an auspicious metal.


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