Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Weddings are memorable. Just a smell, a song, or a colour can trigger those beautiful memories where two souls united in the presence of their loved ones. What makes the event most special is the list of friends and family who gather to join the celebration with their love and blessings. So why not gift something tangible for them to travel back in time and reminisce about your auspicious day? A token of thank you in the form of return gifts is just the way. Here are a few interesting return gift ideas for the wedding crew!

Artsy Crockery/Cutlery
Collectibles are a great conversation starter. Pick an artsy set of glassware or a collectible that is as timeless as your wedding memory to gift your guests! No matter which home they land in, a collectible truly has a story to narrate. Make this gift more special by monogramming your initials on the gift.

DIY Kits
Who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge in the form of a DIY? These kits have been trending in the wedding return gift industry in recent years. The latest fad includes gifting guests a DIY Herb seed kit packaged in biodegradable packaging. This marries into the Go Green initiative of being environmentally conscious. Other options include Painting kits for craft lovers, 2-3 ingredients for a quick cake bake, cold-pressed soap making kits, etc.

Silver Keepsakes
No auspicious event is complete without the exchange of gold and silver as gifts. If you would like to gift something that will be cherished for a long time, silver items as return gifts are a great choice. Opt for the traditional deity Ganesha who is known to abolish obstacles in abundance or a silver diya to light up. If you want to go for something non-religious, gift your guests a fancy London tea set in Sterling Silver or a silver Kumkum haldi cups that can be used for any auspicious occasion.  

Coffee/Tea Samples
Picture a fancy floral box packed with a variety of medium-sized test tubes containing the finest range of  artisan coffee/tea samples from around the world? Cork it up to seal its freshness and display it on creamy luxurious shredded kraft paper to give the oomph factor. Personalize it by printing your wedding date and initials on a label that can be stuck on it too. Add a fancy silver tea strainer mesh ball or a coffee mug with the guest’s name imprinted and you have a beautiful sample box to gift.

Sweet and Savoury
As with all marriages, there are sweet and savoury memories that are weaved by the couple for years to come. Why not thank your guests for attending your grand start to a new phase with little potli’s of sweet and savoury too? Pack cute small jars of pure organic honey or homemade jams that can be preserved for long. Use little lace boxes to pack dry fruits or dates too.

Indian Handicraft 
If you have Non-Indian guests who have flown down for your special day - they’re going to love this one. Handpick artisanal Indian handicraft in the range of textiles, jewellery, pottery, paintings, etc. Choose a creative initiative that supports a cause like employment of women, education for the underprivileged and such where proceeds entirely go in supporting them. These make the ultimate Indian return gifts as they not only represent our culture through the artwork but contribute to a greater cause within society.

Customized Gift Hamper
If you are willing to splurge, you can always opt for a customized gift hamper that contains luxury candles, soap, body wash, essential oils and so on. Who doesn’t love a personal packaging of self-love? Mix and match this fragrant option with body care items, scents, etc. and you’ll have your guests bubbling with joy! Want a more casual option in customized gifts? Check out custom made tea coasters, fridge magnets, passport holders, etc. that can fit into your hamper.
Hangover Relief kit
Alcohol or not, almost everyone has a hangover post a big fat wedding. Clocking in fewer hours of sleep, jetlag, long nights of endless conversation and laughter, overdose of rich food- the list is endless! Gift your guests a hangover relief kit to recharge themselves. Throw in natural remedies through herbs, an eye mask, mint candies, a face mist, a healthy snack pack etc. 

At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts more than the actual gift, so do not forget to include a handwritten note expressing your thanks for all the help and love you received during the wedding.


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