Topics Couples Must Discuss Before Wedding

Here are some of the important things couples should talk about before marriage. 

  • Finance: How are you going to manage their finances? In case any loans are pending to be paid off, who will be paying for it etc. 
  • Starting your family: Discussion on when you both would like to have children is imperative. This is after all the next life-long commitment post marriage! 
  • Career: Where do you stand in your own career? How are you planning to get ahead or are you planning to quit and start something on your own? This must be shared mutually to realistically manage responsibilities.
  • Location: The area of the city or the city where you are planning to live after the wedding plays an important role.  Accordingly, you should also choose a location which is close to both your workplaces so that you don’t spend a lot of time commuting.
  • Family: Parents of the couple are very important. How are you going to take care of both sets of parents if you are planning on getting your own place? In case you are going to live with one set of parents, how will you take care of other sets of parents? 

They say being married means falling in love with the same person every day. The success or failure of marriage greatly depends on how well the couple is able to communicate with each other. Before getting married there are many marriage topics for discussion between the couples.

If some of these points are discussed and a plan is in place, there should be no trouble in having a great married life.


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