Questions To Ask Prospective Life Partners

So, if you are wondering about marriage questions for couples to learn more about one another, you have come to the right place:

What are your interests and hobbies?
The answer to this question can help you infer a lot about the other person. If you are a social person who likes to get together with friends and go out every weekend, the chances are low that you will get along well with introverts who prefer to spend their evening in their comfy homes.

Do you have a specific expectation from your partner?
Discussing each other’s expectations of their future spouse is a great way to see whether both of you are on the same page for the future or not. It will also help you envision a beautiful future if you think the other person is your special somebody.

Ask about future goals and plans
With people focusing a lot more on their careers and other areas in today’s world, it is essential to talk about your future goals and plans with your prospective partner. After all, nobody wants to find out they have to change their future plans just because they married someone who doesn’t share the same plans.

Financial planning
It’s important to ensure this topic is openly discussed before stepping into a marriage. Will both partners be contributing financially or is one opting to stay at home? What are the loans and debts that currently weigh each other down? How long will it take to make payouts etc? Knowing the individual financial health of each partner will ensure that any unseen disaster can be mitigated together without one person having to face the brunt of being caught unawares. It may also be worth discussing an option of a joint account and other available banking services that can ease financial hurdles together. 

Picking out a life partner can be an intimidating process, especially if you are opting for an arranged marriage. Most arranged marriages are arranged by families and well-meaning relatives as they go through hundreds of potential proposals with a fine-toothed comb to find the right one. Since you have to decide whether or not a proposal has potential within a short meeting, it is essential to arm yourself with questions that will help you learn more about the person you are meeting. 

These questions will help you figure out what to talk about after engagement and before marriage and help you find out more about the person you have picked as your life partner.


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